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Her pals at school in Los Angeles became swept up by rock and roll, but Archer's heart was in a different time, to a different beat. After she graduated from Marlborough High School in Los Angeles, Archer remained in Southern California and went to private colleges, taking classes at Pitzer College and working in the Scripps theater department. She made a name for herself in the New York theater and met and married John Archer, a dashing young actor who had several lead roles on Broadway before going to Hollywood to make movies. In Jastrow's home office, they have installed a special ventilation system so he can smoke in comfort. Your hormones are talking, but you gotta sit it out for about eight more years. You don't inhale, the tobacco is good, there are no chemicals and it's only an occasional thing. Here was a woman who was smart, compassionate and very attractive, just the kind of wife Douglas' character would hate to lose.

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Scarlette. Age: 30.
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They brought energy and humor and variety.

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These days, Archer sometimes feels a bit trapped; she is tired of being typecast as "the good wife. The food is good, and after dinner, Drai's has a pleasant place to sit and enjoy a cigar, Archer says. I was very disappointed with the way my career went after the Danny Thomas show. This was a radical, rebellious act for a young woman of her generation, and on the way south, she was overcome with fear and guilt.

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