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But one day, when I took off my pants, someone accidently ran into me and everyone watching saw my underwear. Then they said i had to do wat ever they said for the hole night. The victim will probably start crying,or shreik out with pain, so you have to cover his mouth to prevent an adult from hearing. A wedgie that go's over you're head. Number 4: By this time the victim knows what you are trying to do, so, before he can run away, you must pull his underpants up with all your strength. That is a very good sign, because it tells you that the undies are wedged right in between the victim's butt cheeks. Since the undies are being pulled up, most of the victim's butt will be showing.

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Khloe. Age: 24.
girl wedgie atomic

Make sure they are all on the floor.

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Sariyah. Age: 31.
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A bully picks their vitcim and these wedgies are easily done on us females. The underpants should be showing in the front, too. Take note of what kind of underpants he is wearing,so you know which type is strongest and won't rip easily. Splashing will occurand this will get the victim wet with more toilet water.

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