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They can additionally transfer this information your logins, passwords, banking data and so on to their owners or can even give them remote access to your computer. Cybercriminals play on human emotions and feeling of shame to make victims give in to the scam. The scam wave started in the middle of summer and proceeded throughout the year. Affected users could also see a requirement to pay a fine, which was said to be the only way to unblock computer. The message proceeds with explaining, that the compromising material is held on a remote server, and can be sent to friends and family at any time.

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Arden. Age: 24.
spankbang virus

However, victims should report these incidents to the authorities and changed their passwords on all their accounts immediately.

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Barbara. Age: 25.
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Visited porn sites? You are infected! (Top most dangerous sites)

Porn sites' popularity is booming — so is malware's Sex sells, and online porn business has been booming since the early days of the internet. Additionally, low-scale sites can be loaded with malicious content on purpose. This entry was posted on at and is filed under News , Security. Is this your favorite site?

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