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Unattributed contributions to the Guardian and the Observer. Published: 2 Aug Published: 31 Jul

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Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys. This is one to just keep in your toy chest for yourself, for your partners, for your casual sex friends, just for all occasions. It has six varied speed settings that range from light taps to strong-ass buzzy power tool strength.

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Numerous anonymous packages have been sent to Canadian university student unions. They contain an assortment of gifts from cellphone accessories to sex toys. Random anonymous packages containing items ranging from sex toys to cellphone accessories have been arriving at Canadian university student unions — including at Trent University in Peterborough.

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By Alanna Rizza. RSU president Susanne Nyaga said Amazon started shipping the packages to the student union office just after orientation week in September She said the first package contained wireless headphones, a Wi-Fi range extender and a tiny toy tank. There was no information on the package indicating who the purchaser was.

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Over the last few years, sex toy companies and stores have asked us to review their toys in exchange for, you know, their toys. Instead of just vibrating inside you or thrusting, as some of the Stronic range doesthe insertable part of the Trigger vibrates and additionally curls upward toward the external stimulator which also vibrates. The Trigger is controlled by three buttons on its base; a power button that turns it on, and two buttons on either side that control the various vibrating and motion capabilities.

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Together we found hope and the care of a loving Higher Power. Our commitment is to help others recover from sexual addiction, just as we have been helped. As sex addicts who have found a solution, we offer a message of hope to all who suffer from sex addiction.

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Researchers' interest in the use of sex toys has increased in the past 10 years as products become more accepted in mainstream media, and incorporated into individuals' sexual scripts. Though researchers and health educators have emphasized the importance of sex toy use hygiene behaviours, few studies have addressed the extent to which individuals are sharing, cleaning and covering their sex toys. As part of a larger survey examining genital health and hygiene practices, participants across Canada completed an anonymous online survey.

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I had sex last night with a stranger. I was falling asleep one moment and the next I was wiping my ass clean. It was just before daybreak.

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Anonymous is a decentralized virtual community. Anonymous seeks mass awareness and revolution against what the organization perceives as corrupt entities, while attempting to maintain anonymity. Anonymous has had a hacktivist impact.

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Dozens of people across the US and in Canada have been receiving unexpected packages from Amazon and… the boxes contain sex toys from strangers. While some of the unsolicited parcels have random items, like Bluetooth chargers, first aid kits, record players, LED lights, etc. One school thought it was a hoax from another school, but when all the school are getting packages…. And… the online retail giant claims the senders did not get contact info from Amazon.