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Help support our writers and keep our site ad-free. We were unlucky one season in that we met them 28 days apart, both times in their barn, and Teen Wolf destroyed us—64 points in the first game, then a quadruple-double in the second, with 14 blocked shots and 25 steals. Our third matchup, though, we were fortunate enough to have a 76 percent waxing gibbous, so it was regular Scott Howard, who turned the ball over twice before fouling out, scoreless, in eight minutes of play.

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Art — at its very best — leaves us with questions. Many more. The scene is only marginally spoiled by the fact that the splendidly avuncular James Hampton bears an uncanny resemblance to Dave Lee Travis when in lupine form.

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But while showrunner Jeff Davis intentionally wrapped the series finale on an open-ended note, I was in the mood for a little closure. I liked the idea of a constant threat being out there. It was a way of broadening the scope of the story.

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Not to be ageist, but he just can't compete with the twentysomething studs on this show. For an older gentleman, however, Gerard is quite handsome. For a long time, Dr. Deaton was a man of mystery, which definitely added to his sex appeal.

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Sign in. Trapped inside the Wild Hunt, Stiles reunites with an unexpected ally while Scott, Lydia and Malia discover Stiles's Jeep may be connected to his disappearance. Scott and company race to rescue Lydia from the clutches of evil as the Nogitsune makes a surprise move, resulting in a tragic loss to the group.

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Danny may be our favorite openly gay character on the show, but MTV's shirtless werewolf romp is getting queerer than ever. While the V-necks are great, they are getting a little redundant. Luckily, Isaac clearly knows a thing or two and has been getting pretty metro with his fashion choices.

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We know you love all the boys of Teen Wolf just look at them! Who would be more attentive to you than to his hair? Who would be able to control his supernatural capabilities enough to commit to Friday date night?

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He tries to maintain a normal life while hiding his secret and dealing with supernatural dangers that plague the town of Beacon Hills. Haynes left the series after the second season to work on Arrow. He returned in the second part of the sixth season as a guest star. Reed followed, leaving after the third season to pursue other projects.

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We had to! Sheriffs later found her body and tied to a tree with a rope, her head bashed in and throat slit. The two have since broken up, and Ethan blew town when Aiden died in battle at the end of Season Three.

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Gabriel Valack, before the series timeline, was chief medical examiner of Eichen House. He performed inhumane, amoral experimentation on supernatural creatures that resulted in many deaths. Valack also became an enemy of the Dread Doctors. For his heinous experimentation, Valack was imprisoned in Eichen House, becoming a long-term prisoner, serving time in the underground prison for supernatural beings.


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