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The purpose of this study was to: i evaluate the antibacterial activities of three Egyptian honeys collected from different floral sources namely, citrus, clover, and marjoram against Escherichia coli ; ii investigate the effects of these honeys on bacterial ultrastructure; and iii assess the anti-virulence potential of these honeys, by examining their impacts on the expression of eight selected genes involved in biofilm formation, quorum sensing, and stress survival in the test organism. The minimum inhibitory concentration MIC of the honey samples against E. Impacts of the honeys on the cellular ultrastructure and the expression profiles of the selected genes of E.

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The most significant of these realities is that bees - like any creature - can get sick; so beekeepers administer small doses of antibiotics. The less scrupulous overstep the limits by dosing hives with excessive levels or banned drugs. One reason that Brodie's scam rang food-safety bells is that Argentine honey has come under scrutiny in recent times.

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Bees can suffer serious effects from toxic chemicals in their environments. These include various synthetic chemicals [1]such as insecticides and fertilizersas well as a variety of naturally occurring chemicals from plants, such as ethanol resulting from the fermentation of organic materials. Bee intoxication can result from exposure to ethanol from fermented nectar, ripe fruits, and manmade and natural chemicals in the environment.

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The fracas erupted when a New Zealand association applied for exclusive rights to market manuka honey in five countries, including the United States, Britain, Australia and China, incensing Australian beekeepers who have dismissed the Kiwi claims as "ridiculous". Nicknamed "liquid gold", manuka honey is produced by bees foraging on the flowers of the tea tree shrub, which grows wild in both countries. Devotees hail it as a wonder food, with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can cure skin conditions, heal sore throats, boost immunity and aid digestion. Celebrity fans include Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kourtney Kardashian, a manuka "brand ambassador" who slathers it on her face, eats it raw and feeds her children manuka honey tea to ward off colds.

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Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution with approximately 17 percent water. Besides carbohydrates, honey contains small amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. Apart from its high calorific value, honey is known for its medicinal properties too.

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Colony collapse disorder CCD is the phenomenon that occurs when the majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queenplenty of food and a few nurse bees to care for the remaining immature bees. While such disappearances have occurred sporadically throughout the history of apicultureand were known by various names disappearing disease, spring dwindle, May disease, autumn collapse, and fall dwindle disease[1] the syndrome was renamed colony collapse disorder in late [2] in conjunction with a drastic rise in the number of disappearances of western honey bee Apis mellifera colonies in North America. Colony collapse disorder causes significant economic losses because many agricultural crops worldwide are pollinated by western honey bees.

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Problems with conventional treatments for a range of dermatological disorders have led scientists to search for new compounds of therapeutic value. Efforts have included the evaluation of natural products such as honey. Manuka honey, for example, has been scientifically recognised for its anti-microbial and wound healing properties and is now used clinically as a topical treatment for wound infections. In this review, scientific evidence for the effectiveness of honey in the treatment of wounds and other skin conditions is evaluated.

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Tualang honey is a rare and precious wild honey species, which is totally different from farmed honey in terms of honey bee species, nectar sources, ripening process and harvesting method, leading to its incomparable taste, aroma and efficacy. Honey products selling in the market are most likely from honey farms. Tualang Honey is produced by a rare special wild honeybee species — Apis Dorsata also known as Asian Giant Bee ; whereas farmed honeys are produced by Apis Mellifera or Apis Cer ana in general.

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A third or more of all the honey consumed in the U. A Food Safety News investigation has documented that millions of pounds of honey banned as unsafe in dozens of countries are being imported and sold here in record quantities. And the flow of Chinese honey continues despite assurances from the Food and Drug Administration and other federal officials that the hundreds of millions of pounds reaching store shelves were authentic and safe following the widespread arrests and convictions of major smugglers over the last two years.


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