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Photo by Paul Edmondson via Stocksy. I like to collect pooping horror stories in the way I like to collect friends: abundantly, and without assessing if they're actually good for me or contribute anything to my life. I've listened to many poo stories in my life, and I'll continue to push harder until I find that ultimate tale: the golden nugget, the poop story to end all poop stories.

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Top definition. That skanks braciole is hanging out of her dress, she's a whore. Braciole unknown.

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Then as the pregnancy progresses, you agonize about emptying your bowels all over the birthing table in front of horrified bystanders. Once you cross all those hurdles, you feel relieved. You think you can stop your fecal fretting.

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Take a quiz to find out what might be causing your stool in the vagina. Genital issues are never a comfortable topic of conversation, and stool in the vagina is an extremely uncomfortable symptom that you may feel too embarrassed to discuss with your healthcare provider. However, it is important to know that stool in the vagina is never normal, and following-up with your healthcare provider is an important first step in finding a solution to this disconcerting and distressing symptom. The common characteristics of stool in the vagina are related to the presence of the stool in the vaginal canal.

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Straight female with a question. After I have a normal bowel movement, I pull up my jeans. When I do that, the crotch seam presses on my clit as I begin to close the zipper, and I get what I can only describe as an intense mini-orgasm.

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Here it is: if you're in labor and about to have a baby, it's totally normal to poop yourself when you start pushing. Kyrin Dunston, an OBGYN, sheds a little light on the not-oft-discussed phenomenon: "The pelvis is only so large and can hold only so much material," she explains. Another reason for the pre-baby poop is that the muscles you use to push a baby out —the valsalva diaphragmabdominal muscles, and intercostal muscles — are are exactly the same muscles you use during a bowel movement.

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There are a lot of things that can make you constipated. Thankfully, most can be fixed with a change in diet or tweak in medication. For some women, though, their inability to get it all out may be due to a rectocele.

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If you spent all of your teen years imagining sex as a passionate, transcendent melding of two souls one of whom happened to be Robert Pattinsonyou may have been shocked when you finally did the deed and found out that sex is gross. Oh, actually, wait, let me amend that: sex is really gross. Sure, it can still be a beautiful transcendent melding of two souls — but the kind of transcendent melding that incorporates stray bodily fluidsstrange noises, and the occasional wayward butt crack hair. Also, it almost never involves Robert Pattinson.

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Some people have great difficulty emptying their rectum due to what is called rectal descent. Rectal descent is a problem that appears to be related to childbirth. When a women gives birth, the normal attachments of the rectum to the lower backbone may get stretched or torn.

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Vaginal splinting is the term used to describe a procedure in which a woman uses her fingers to press on the vagina as a way to try to evacuate stool during the process of a bowel movement. Typically, this is done in response to constipation and a sense of incomplete evacuation. Vaginal splinting is considered a form of digital evacuation.


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