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Dick Morris born November 28, is a political author, columnist and commentator. Morris is a lifelong friend of Chairman Jerry Nadler of the House Judiciary Committee, attended high school together and ran his early New York state campaigns. Morris became an advisor to the Clinton administration in and managed Bill Clinton 's re-election campaign up until two months before the election, when it was learned Morris was involved in a scandal with a prostitute.

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It took the Democrats two election cycles — and — to secure their overwhelming Congressional majorities and to recapture the White House. The Republican Party will likely complete its takeover in This model is far more likely than the model in which Bill Clinton came back from the dead.

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Signed Talk story about Republican political consultant Dick Morris, a fast-talking, faster-thinking former New Yorker with a trend-defying pompadour of dark-brown hair. Morris runs a one-man political-consulting firm out of his home, in West Redding, Connecticut. He apparently has Bill Clinton's ear and has been privately advising the President and his wife as often as three times a month since the electoral rout in November.

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Political strategist Dick Morris played an important role in the re-election of Bill Clinton. But while Morris was hailed for his genius in the s, he has since become known for his ability to be profoundly wrong in his predictions. Here is a roundup of some of his worst predictions.

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While most candidates take their time in responding to attacks and only gradually realize that opposition charges are scoring, Bill and Hillary Clinton virtually invented the hair trigger reaction time in modern television campaigns. When attacked, they lashed back with negative counterpunches and complete rebuttals. They all found themselves outmaneuvered and tied into knots by his canny dialogue and smart rebuttals.

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Dick Morris born November 28is an American political author and commentator who previously worked as a pollster, political campaign consultant, and general political consultant. This on article on an author is a stub. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it.

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On the presidential campaign trail, former Vice President Joe Biden gave his first speech as an official candidate, attempting to appeal to frustrated swing voters and contrast himself with President Trump. Right now, some prominent Democrats are publicly fretting about nominating a woman in Just exactly who are these swing voters?

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Following nearly fifteen years of countless ethical violations, inaccurate electoral predictions, and offensive, false, and dishonest comments, Fox News political analyst Dick Morris is done at the network. In recent years the network's executives had also repeatedly been subjected to inquiries from reporters concerning Morris' pattern of ethical misdeeds. When Morris was discussing political candidates and causes on Fox News, it was usually safe to assume they were paying him money behind the scenes.

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So, if you recall, ol' Dick Morris, he predicted something of a landslide for Mitt Romney. Something of a crazy landslide, actually, in which it was an absolute given that Obama had already lost Florida, Virginia and Colorado; in which Ohio, New Hampshire and Iowa had "eroded"; in which the "battleground" was Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota; and "Romney momentum" was going to "wash into formerly safe Democratic territory in New Jersey and Oregon. This was almost perfectly incorrect -- a near ne plus ultra of staggering wrongness, mitigated only slightly by the fact that Florida has not yet been called.

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How did Obama ever think that his program would pass constitutional muster? How could he imagine that the Interstate Commerce clause could cover something that wasn't interstate health insurance cannot be sold over state lines and wasn't commerce failure to buy insurance is not commerce would stand up in court? He was so sure that he would win any constitutional challenge that he arrogantly failed to put a severability clause in the bill so that it would survive even if parts were stricken down.


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