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Post a Comment. You Don't Know lyrics - eminem feat. You know, you acting like you don't know We run it You know but you acting like you don't know Who run it?

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Track Lyrics 1 Case Dismissed!!! Young Buck - Buck the World Mar. G-Unit Remix P.

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Moderator Overview Albums 26 Lyrics Home 50 Cent Lyrics Albums 26 Lyrics Playlist 4.

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The chorus is sung by fellow G-Unit rapper 50 Cent. The song is produced by Eminem and was released as a digital download on July 25, The music video debuted on BET.

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Intro - 50Cent : Who run it? You know, you acting like you don't know We run it You know but you acting like you don't know Who run it? You know, you acting like you don't know We run it You know but you acting like you don't know You know, you acting like you don't know I tear the club up fo' sho' This flow is gon' bring mo dough And you know but you acting like you don't know.

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Verse 1: Broke niggas still starvin while I'm still caked up I done handled mo' ice than Jacob, your bank is vacant You ain't even got cable and braggin bout dough Niggas rockin fake labels and braggin bout clothes Nigga wanna be Farrakhan, i stop you from eatin' like Ramadan This lyrical Columbine, I'ma be fuckin' your bitch on Valentine's Now it's missiles sent, for lyin' bout your dividends Got you scared to drop bars like prisoners You can't pay your rent so you mad at the unit haha Til I put the steel in the middle of ya grill like a toothpick You want the limelight so die slow You more emotional than all my ho's I can see through a bitch nigga wit my eyes closed So I'ma smoke this micro like hydro Whether nines or rhymes I'll make ya mind blow And it's showtime there's nowhere to hide so. Chorus It's the Unit til the death of me All this hatin just brings out the best in me Success brings jealousy But jealousy brings weaponry. So you'll be deaded right along with chivalry And my bonds spiked like a tennis cleat None of you rap niggas could ever limit me I got the agenda of a winner, I'm what u pretend to be Consider this your burial, leakin through the stereo U can't afford a box of cereal and I just spent a mil or two You a dick rider cuz I spit fire til you retire I'm a hustler, you a buyer, wit a wire You was born broke and you gone leave the same way My bars nuts like Payday, I ain't a DJ but the K slays My rhymes give Satan a heat stroke Mad at me cuz your whip gettin repo'd Tryin to hit me is like Shaq hittin free throws And Banks stack a bunch of chips like Pringles.

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West Side Story 2. How We Do 3. This Is How We Do 4.

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