Suburbanization and black bottom detroit

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Inwithin the city of Detroit there wereblack residents, making up The first major period of black growth occurred from to and The black population, inincreased from under 6, to over ,

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In Detroit, there are two precious historic places that have been lost to us: Black Bottom and Paradise Valley. So what exactly was Black Bottom and what happened to it? Antoine Street.

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Indeed, it seems to have become a favorite pastime for urbanists of all stripes. How could such an economic powerhouse, a uniquely American city, so utterly collapse? Most analysis tends to focus on the economic, social and political reasons for the downfall.

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December 6, Mike Wilkinson Detroit. Detroit Journalism CooperativeSearchable database. Just after the riots, there were still large parts of west and east Detroit that were nearly all white, the vestiges of housing patterns that were cemented by federal housing policy and local real estate rules. For decades blacks had been confined to small slices of the city, creating tension that was a precursor for the anger that erupted.

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Antoine Street in Paradise Valley is where his business office was located. There is now a move to bring them back, in a new format. Building Hastings Place next door continues the legacy and spirit of Paradise Valley that was started by African-American business pioneers and entertainers more than 80 years ago.

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The Federal Government, local politicians and private interest groups all played a part in decisions about land use that shaped the character and culture of the black community in Detroit. The FHA insured low-interest loans to stimulate housing construction, subsidize homeownership, and put people back to work to boost the national economy. As construction and homeownership boomed, however, African Americans were largely excluded from the huge benefits the FHA provided to white Americans.

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According to the U. Census Bureaublacks or African Americans living in Detroit accounted for Censusof all U.

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Black Bottom was a predominantly black neighborhood in DetroitMichigan. The term has sometimes been used to apply to the entire neighborhood including Paradise Valley, which reached from the Detroit River north to Grand Boulevard. In the early twentieth century, African-American residents became concentrated here during the first wave of the Great Migration to northern industrial cities.

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It was once the center of African American life in Detroit, then it was razed in the name of urban renewal. Published p. ET Feb.

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The plot loosely revolved around relocating Ice Cube to a suburban environment in order to escape his nemesis Debo, who had just escaped from a Los Angeles correctional facility. Jackson detailed the various motivations that drove suburban growth from the understandable — better sanitation, more space — to the egregious — race and class driven prejudices. Through urban renewal efforts, local violence, and municipal housing policy, the great Midwestern metropolis successfully created one of the most segregated urban populations in American history.